Green Gator Jump Houses - Late for a birthday party!!!

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How can you be late to the birthday party that was reserved 3 weeks ago.I cant believe they would be late, and setting up as kids were leaving.

Kids were crying because they wanted to stay, they were promised that there would be a jump house. It makes me feel that the other mothers were thinking I don't know how to organize. Everyone has busy lives, so most of the kids could not stay... How can they be late for a birthday party.....

If you ruin a birthday party, Its done. there is no going back... I feel so embarrassed.

I told everyone that there was going to be a jump not use this company ever!!!!!

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Green Gator Jump Houses - GreenGator Jump Houses

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We are having a birthday party and wanted a jump house.It is hard to find a reasonable price.

Thinks are very tight right now. So I have called and called and called to find a company that did not have outrageous price. I did find one... GreenGator Jump Houses.

Why are all the jump house rental places so expensive? It is that the economy is so bad right now.

I don't think companies should be overcharging for birthday parties.So when I called GreenGator Jump Houses today they were very friendly, nice, and very good to work with.

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